In a world where we frequently experience constant changes and diverse opportunities, a sense of stability has to be established. KeyPartners follows a designated framework of I/We/It to build this stability. I/We/It supports large-scale social changes and leadership practices. 

Our framework draws inspiration from the works of Ken Wilber and the “integral theory”. 

We start with I, which embodies a leader’s individual mindsets, skills, and values but from a collaborative context to solve large-scale problems. 

The following entity is We, which encompasses the leaders’ collective visions, values, relationships, organizations, and networks. 

This is where the unity forms, leading us to the last point in the framework, “It”. 

It is the impact I and We, we aim to create. These are the social, professional, and personal changes that the framework and its operators, KeyPartners, hope to achieve. Using this framework, KeyPartners helps leaders study new skill sets to mold themselves and their organizations.